Why Sonu Sood A Real Hero :

Sonu Sood a real hero to the nation in Bollywood. As we as a whole have heard that at whatever point anyone is in need nobody comes to help. However, when we discuss Bollywood, prior Akshay Kumar’s name was on the top however we don’t have the foggiest idea why he back stepped now when poor people need him the most.

It has been seen that needy individuals are constantly given the least importance. In actuality, when we see, Bollywood star “SONU SOOD” is these days trending in the news channels. We should have a look at some of the good deeds of our famous star “SONU SOOD” and about him. During Covid-19 everyone prefer to be in their home he came as a real hero and help the migrants to send home safely. Everyday he came up with his new help that change the life of the person.

Sonu Sood a Real Hero to the Nation from Bollywood during Covid-19

Sonu Sood a real hero is one of the perceived Bollywood stars who assumes the role of a Villain in almost all the Bollywood motion pictures. However, in real life, he is doing a great deal for workers and all the poor people who are homeless now during this hour of COVID-19.

Indeed, even the government employees likewise could not do this yet the Bollywood entertainer did the surprising thing by helping each and everybody arrive at their home securely.


Pravasi Rojgar Yojana and Ghar Chalein

Sonu Sood is currently a saint in the genuine for those laborers who got homeless and were needy of fundamental amenities like food, garments and In fact they need more cash to return home around then Sonu Sood a real hero to the nation who helped them like a genuine legend which no other star did. In fact, he made an application named “Pravasi Rojgar Yojana” to help the migrant workers to find work at their place.

Starting at now, he caused across 12,000 laborers to their places and he also proclaimed helpline number to finish his “Ghar Chalein” mission. He took the help of all the social networking sites to post his helpline number with the goal that he can help all the homeless people of the nation. What’s more, that’s not enough; he also provided his Juhu hotel to many healthcare workers.

During the meeting with the news channel and some reality TV shows like “The Kapil Sharma Show “, Sonu Sood discussed the journey that how he helped those individuals who were homeless during this lockdown, seeing them away from their home and relatives. Sonu Sood told that he got passionate and he needed to do something for them.

Those laborers whose works they did a great deal for us they make the street for us. Sonu Sood concluded that he will accomplish something for them and afterward he began his journey and he chose to send all the laborers to work and a lot more to their cherished ones.

Sonu Sood is working along with his team full of committed members who took all the responsibility to let each worker reach home safely. Even all Bollywood stars praised him and till now he has won many hearts. This person did a lot for the people of our nation in today’s time. Many are seeing him as a god. All the poor people are praising him and we all have seen how he is taking all the responsibilities wisely. Though he is a villain in Bollywood movies, in reality, he is a person with a big heart.

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