Most Downloaded Applicatons

The internet world is expanding at breakneck speed, with millions of most popular applications, interesting videos, and fresh accounts being created every day, where humans had learned to cope with their traditional lifestyles to the online racetrack since the year 2000. Yes, it was thrilling when we discovered a lost childhood friend’s database through Facebook searches, or when we received our first Amazon buying order, or even when we found a wonderful girlfriend through an online dating application.

After so many years of online world development, we, humans can’t imagine going a single minute without the most popular application, today. This had influenced a large number of artists, ideologues, athletes, organizations, and even politicians to emerge at the top of internet alternative rankings, and applications are that area of the internet that everyone is wanting to build online.

Here are some of the most popular applications in 2021 that are aiming for the top spot in billions of searches in 2022 and beyond.

The following are respective name of the most popular Application:

most popular application


While participating in social interaction and business transactions via online marketing, Facebook continues to introduce more human psychological factors to balance its position as the most popular application for social gatherings. Since its inception, Facebook has garnered more than 5 billion registered users, according to official statistics.


Who would have guessed that an app could completely revolutionize the messaging tradition with its adorable emojis expressions and smooth video calling services? Whatsapp made a most popular application in its early years after rising to the top of daily usage thanks to its user-friendly interface. Whatsapp has almost reached the barrier of 5 billion downloads and is continuing to grow rapidly.


Amazon, the online shopping platform, has changed the shopping tradition with its return policy, on-time delivery, and reliable orders at affordable prices, so that not only millions of Indians, but people all over the world, open the most popular application and place orders whenever they feel like shopping is too much of a hassle, as compared to roaming the famous market streets. As per the wiki source, Amazon contains 200 million subscribers worldwide including Amazon Prime.


Let’s turn your freshly acquired winning stories into an outstanding source of motivation for millions. All you have to do is create an account on Instagram with a 2-minute registration process, and you’re ready to claim the title of internet sensational personality. Instagram has over one billion downloads because of its amazing features.

Tik Tok

Years of case studies revealed that individuals were eager to share their own interesting, embarrassing, encouraging, and innovative videos with the world, inspiring this giant social media center to create a platform where everyone’s dream might come true. Tik Tok’s years of studies were correct, as more than 700 million users discovered a variety of entertaining footage through their creative personalities.


Top leaders, prominent celebrities, movie stars, social or inspirational icons, and controversial politicians with their polarizing words can all be found in this most popular application. Twitter, like Facebook, began its journey as a social media platform very early on, but due to its limited features and specific uses, Twitter lags behind Facebook. While the original function remains the most important to users, Twitter now allows them to participate in a number of activities in order to expand their global exposure.

Facebook Messenger

It’s not difficult to figure out how the largest Facebook empire is. Yes, Facebook Messenger is the second most popular application, with over 5 billion messaging accounts. It is also a popular way for users to communicate with their friends. Unlike Whatsapp, Messenger has gained in popularity as a result of its extensive features as well as its role in Facebook communication.


YouTube is the most popular app on the planet, with more users than the entire human population. It has over 10 billion signs on its interface. Youtube, the most popular application is a goldmine of instructive, entertaining, news, creative, and inspirational videos, allowing millions of producers to shoot original concepts and distribute them on YouTube, as well as earn a solid living through advertisements.


If you’re searching for an app with a similar User experience to Instagram and Tik Tok, Snapchat is next on our list, with around 1.2 billion downloads. This app began its journey alongside other user-favorite software, but in 2021, people never forgot about this social networking and messaging app because of its large platform, which allows everyone to be a star through their interesting social feeds, videos, and photographs.


Nobody knew about the Zoom application in early 2020 since everyone was enjoying their lives with their families and friends, and they loved to celebrate every aspect of their lives through night outs, parties, birthday celebrations, and tours to new areas. However, with the arrival of the world’s largest epidemic news, Zoom played a critical part in providing video conversational services to more than 100 friends at once. Zoom has also become the most popular application and an important component of the professional world by allowing for uninterrupted online business meetings.


Although Spotify began its journey a few years earlier, it is perhaps a surprising fact for everyone that it will not enter the top 20 apps in the world until 2021. Yes, Spotify is similar to other apps in that it not only allows people to entertain themselves or be inspired by inspirational songs, but it also assists nominated musicians in reaching out to their fans with new albums during COVID. It is currently home to over 1.2 billion music fans from all around the world.


Netflix now has about 210 million subscribers, and this tremendous shift has occurred in the aftermath of the world’s largest outbreak: COVID, which forced everyone to stay at home and pass the time by viewing movies on various web channels, including Netflix. This movie house not only helped the glam world keep their entertaining services running effectively, but this most popular application also made those imprisoned gentlemen feel fresh around house freaking components.


Uber’s growth has tracked an increase in demand for private vehicles at reasonable pricing. Despite the fact that it currently has numerous competitors, Uber has a considerable portion of the U.S. auto market and a strong presence in most countries around the world, with over 500 million downloads. Uber links 103 million riders with drivers in over 70 countries, providing exciting tours and convenient every day on-demand ride-sharing services.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga demonstrates how clever, creative, imaginative, and gaming-obsessed people enjoyed eating candy by matching lines and figures of identical candies in the game. Hundreds of additional games with the same identity and procedure can be found on Google Play, and Candy Crush Saga is continually changing its candy labels in order to bring more excitement to its loyal and enthusiastic gamers. Every day, over 2 billion Android users pleasure their own spirit by setting new game records and challenging others to beat them on this most popular application.

Microsoft Word

MS Word, which has over 1.8 billion downloads, allows individuals, marketing professionals, and other writing enthusiasts to keep their notes and essential documents online and access them from any device. MS Words is the most useful app on the planet because of its flexibility. However, while there are other options on the market that have created a great threat to MS Word’s reliability, MS Word’s dependability has never let it down.


Telegram is a fun, fascinating, and completely free program that allows users to share their posts, talk with friends, and express their thoughts using text, images, and videos. It’s very similar to the Facebook group interface, which let Telegaram reach more than 1 billion people following its first launch in 2013. By adding its video calling services, random group conversations, and sharing personal messages, it was seen to be the most popular application for social conversations.


Tinder is a much-anticipated web application for new breeds, allowing people all across the world to choose their ideal life partner via online searches. The nicest aspect of this app is that you can register everything about yourself, including your likes and dislikes, gorgeous images, and preferences. Millions of teenagers were fascinated by this fantastic concept, and they not only downloaded it over 100 million times but also pass the message to others.


Millions must recall how enjoyable earlier gaming eras were, when they visited nearby game shops, particularly to play fighting games: certainly, this was a history that will never be repeated, thanks to the numerous interruptions of internet games today. PUBG is the most popular application war game concept among other fascinating gaming concepts. In early 2018, this game’s rating numbers were in the millions, but its popularity is continuously growing thanks to new and improved features.


Gmail: Google established Gmail as a platform to assist everyone in registering information about themselves in the internet world. However, Gmail is much more than a personal identity today; back in the 1990s, it was the first task for everyone to have a unique name with some extra alphabets and numbers in order to talk, make business transactions, send online mail posts, and many other things. The total numbers of Gmail downloads are over 5 billion.

Google Maps

Although it is restricted in some countries, Google Maps has gained the trust of over 5 billion users worldwide, allowing it to increase its download numbers by assisting people everywhere with various features such as street maps views, aerial photography, satellite imagery, and 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, as well as current real-time traffic conditions.


Skype is the first online video calling application that has launched in early 2003, and its a proprietary telecommunications application that specializes in providing VoIP-based video telephony, videoconferencing, and voice call. Today, this most popular application gained almost 1 billion-plus downloaded numbers along with its new and additional feature, which is almost similar to some recently arrived apps, but the trust, reliability, and history separated it from others today.


Today, applications are not only fascinating icons on our smartphones, but they became a part of our lifestyles. Every app creates a new window or door for us to plan, engage in, and record some of our work, journeys, and potentials. However, some humans began calling in the early 2000s that it was time for everyone to keep the world in their dress pocket, but today, owing to scientific progression, it is a complete reality: Moile Apps.