Suicide Or Murder?

Suicide or murder a star was lost, As you all are seeing that nowadays suicide and murder in our city are increasing day by day, in fact, most of our trending stars legends also attempts suicide or got murdered out of jealousy VIP in our country is affected mostly by this suicide and murder.

People of this generation are having lots of anger, jealousy, hate and this is the reason, which takes them into the state of depression, and then people attempts suicide. Indeed, even some of the time individuals can’t comprehend what they are doing in discouragement since when the individual is in the depression then they are not in charge of their brain, in the wake of getting into the depression they imagine that completion the life is the main answer for their concern.

Today we are going to cover loads of things in regards to this theme and indeed, we will discuss that reason also because of which our trending star was lost.

Reason Behind the suicide or Murder a star was lost is now trending star:


Nepotism isn’t just in the Bollywood industry, its also in the real-life. Like, if that a town fellow goes for work in the large urban communities and towns he got decided by where he has come from as opposed to getting decided by his abilities.

Then again, if that the person comes from the greater town and urban communities, at that point he got decided by his money related background, not by his aptitudes and afterward, the untalented youth from the enormous towns got acknowledged, and a talented one got dismissed, this is nothing but a Nepotism.

Nepotism is the primary reason that we lost our greatest star, in Bollywood, there is just and just nepotism. If we need to save our nation from murder and suicides, at that point, we have to blacklist nepotism from our Country.


In fact, many don’t have a clue about the genuine meaning of Depression. Like if somebody is in pressure, he feels that he is in depression. However, in reality, Depression is what removes you from your psyche when your brain doesn’t work. In the gloom, you hurt yourself; you cannot impart this thing to anybody just because there is the dread of being judged. That’s Why many of the actors are victim of this condition that everyone is confused that whether it is Suicide or murder a star was lost.


Today’s generation is so much advance that taking stress in things is just a normal task for them. People instead of enjoying work, try to focus on earning more. Some work more to gain more and sometimes they take a lot of stress at work and expect more earnings but when they can’t meet their expectations, they either go into depression and do the unusual things and harm themselves. If business owners get too much loss, then also they take the wrong step like committing suicide or murder a star was lost. In general, work stress is a major factor related to suicide.


When we discuss Jealousy, it is a typical thing that is going on these days. Individuals today can’t hold up under one another’s success. Because of this, this jealousy sometimes transforms into Anger and hate and this will prompt Murder.

Conclusion of suicide

Instead of interfering in each other’s life, we need to focus on our success. We need to grow all alone as no hate, jealousy, murder and other things will come in life, but the thing that will come is what decision you take when you found yourself in difficult situations. Either create your life or destroy it, it is up to you. At last, I recommend you to focus on the factors that I’ve covered in the topic. We need to Boycott NEPOTISM, as this is the reason we lost our star. SAY NO TO NEPOTISM NEITHER IN BOLLYWOOD NOW IN REAL LIFE.

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