Living Style of Engineers During College life

Engineering is not just a degree. It’s a way of enjoying Engineers life during college. The Four Years of engineering life is a lifetime experience, just like a roller-coaster. So many things happen for the first time. Somewhere we won somewhere we lost, somewhere we learn but these are the life changing experience.

So here are 8 things that all engineers life during college.

Fear Of Ragging

For some of them it would be the first time staying far away from home. So it’s quite obvious for fear of being ragged at first time. After all we always heard about the ragging in colleges. Movies also gave us some fearful thought about being ragged in engineering colleges.

Backlog for the first time

Yeah, you failed and getting backlog for the first time. You thought exams is same as you studied for test in school, probably not. Every engineer got this experience of backlog and they get used to of it till the final semester.


There is shortage of everything, the hostel food, attendance, water shortage, money shortage but one thing that never stops is the hangout on a local tea shop because we always have credit account running there.

Late Night Bakchodi’s

Without getting bored pulling out legs of each other. Even group studies turned out into full night bakchodi’s. There always a one backchod in every group. He/she is always active whether it’s a day or a night. 

engineers life during college

Playing Cards

Playing cards is the best time pass for engineers, even the non interesting guy starts playing & turned into a champion.

Master Of Deadlines

Engineers have 48 subjects, 200 internals, 300 assignments, labs, projects, vivas and all. They become expert to manage the deadlines. Most of the engineers life during college start work when the time is short & limited. They knew how to work under pressure & complete the tasks before deadlines.

Maggi is the main food supplement.

For engineers maggi is just like a national food. This is always the best option for them just because easy to cook & easily available at the local shop.

Resolutions to study from the next semester

Taking a resolution to study from the next semester & never follow it. This happens just because of short period of semester & having lots of exams, internals, externals, assignment, viva, projects. We actually don’t know how fast time flies. & this resolution shifted to next semester.

“Engineering is not only study of 48 subjects but it is moral studies of life.”  

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