What are the reason that Engineers quit their job?

Engineers quit their Jobs because No company wants to lose a great employee because it will be difficult to find a replacement but engineers have their own vision. There is a one quote saying ” Engineers don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses”. Not Every Engineer has guts to quit their jobs instant either they have a plan or they are frustrated with private jobs.

There are the top 5 reasons Why do engineers quit their jobs?


Engineers don’t want to do the same things again & again for next 20 or 30 year. They want to explore. They don’t want to stop learning & growing professionally. If Engineer doesn’t feel that they are learning & growing then I must say they should move on. Somehow once in a life, every engineer feels that they are not growing anymore in private sector or it took much time for growth. So this is the biggest reason for engineers to quit their jobs.

Job Satisfaction

Some Engineers don’t satisfied with their job & the reason behind is that they want to do something else or want to follow their dreams or passion but due to some financial or family issue they start doing jobs whatever they got. Eventually one day they got totally frustrated by doing job that they don’t like. So they quit.


Even the toughest engineers can burn out due to excessive work. At first, every engineer gives much more than their ability & constantly does more work than they paid. As result of this, burden increases, frustration up to the next level, they feel like exploit. Even that private sector gives the false expectation to employee. After all anyone can piss off with this so they quit their jobs.


There is famous quote “Engineer Can Do Anything” & I agree with this statement. They are much more passionate about their work whatever they are doing. After all, that’s all they learnt from their college life. Whatever they do they give 100% whether they do at the last moment. They believe in themselves if they quit the job, they will do much better than this.

Boss Of Its Own

Everyone wants to be boss of his/her own so does engineer. The saddest part of the private sector is that even the non-technical persons who don’t have enough knowledge they give order like that no one is better than him/her. To be very frank Engineers being like a puppet in private sector. Engineers have more guts than other to quit their jobs. After all, do work only which you like the most. Vaise Bhi “Logo Ka Kaam To Hai Kehna” 

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