School Life

School life and College life are look alike but differ in each aspect. In school we did mistakes unknowingly and In college life we do mistakes knowingly.  Here are some facts that every student goes through these phases.

Difference between school life or college life


School Life – We wear a neat & clean uniform to school every day.
College Life – Wakes up, wears whatever we get & off to college.


School Life – Always having a decent attendance & provide medical certificate even with a high fever.

College Life – Whatever the criteria they always having shortage of attendance.

Academic Score:

School Life – Having good academic records & teacher’s favourite student.

College Life – Passing marks is enough, No need of good marks.


School Life – 100 Kg of books, books & books.

College Life – One Notebook, One bag & will arrange the pen.


School Life – Separate notebook for each subject.

College Life – One notebook for everything, 90% of which is doodles.


School Life – Full syllabus done, revision done 3 times, & also have a look on few formulae.

College Life – No tension about exams, Course  just started one day before exam.


School Life – Always on time, not even a minute late.

College Life – Always late whether its lecture, labs, viva or exams


School Life – Always cared & protected by family, relatives.

College Life – It develops you as an individual & become a risk taking and decision maker.

Life :

School Life –  I hate school. Can’t wait to go to college.

College Life – I hate college. I miss my college days.

B for Burger : B for Beer:

School Life – Burger is the first street food comes in our mind.

College Life – Everything changed, Now beer required for every situation.

Both School Life & College Life have its own importance in our life. It’s like salt & sugar. They look alike but totally differ in taste.

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