Who is Binod? As all of you know these days, “BINOD” is a hot name on the Internet, in truth each and everybody thinks about a name BINOD, each memer is making images on his name. Indeed, YouTube feed is also loaded with Binod’s inclining name, and also drifting in other social media platforms. Everybody has a new topic for tattling, much the same as the subject of the struggle of Ananya Pandey. Haha, isn’t it amazing? OK! So today we will discuss the new trending topic that is “BINODD” “BINODDD” “BINODDDD”!

I guess you’ll surely appreciate this stunning topic. Let us have a look at this trending guy who gets famous within a night. As everyone knows, we struggle the entire day and night to be popular and see how this man named “BINOD” has turned into a Brand within a night.

From Memer’s point of view:

As we as a whole know, that entire nation is in the lockdown, and nobody has the topic to discuss with their loved ones; however, these memers got another point to engage the individuals as this name “BINOD” is a stress booster for some. However, some are as yet wondering of who is Binod. Alright! So, Don’t stress, I’ll help you out in knowing about BINOD.

who is Binod

Who is Binod?

Binod’s complete name is Binod Tharu. Binod is nothing; it’s only a YouTube comment which turned into a viral meme in the month of August. This name got viral because Binod himself remarked on his name “BINOD” on the viral YouTube channel named “Slayypoint.” Binod does not have any video on his YouTube channel he was simply remarking his name BINOD on the YouTube video.

OK! So you are completely presented with “BINOD”; now I think we have to discover his “BINODINI.”

How he went viral?

Slay point is one of the famous YouTube channels of Abhyudaya and Gautami. While checking the comment section of their viral video, they found out one random comment BINOD, and from there, this name has become a hot topic for the Indian audience. In the wake of being viral, some social media influencers also have Binod as the trending hashtag on their post.

After getting viral on YouTube channel, i.e., Slayy point, this name has also covered Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Indeed, even some of the people are putting their WhatsApp status as BINOD OP. (OP means Over Powered)

Binod got overpowered on the social media platform. Isn’t it interesting?

Now, I don’t think anybody is left here who doesn’t have a clue about the story behind “Who is BINOD and how he get viral.” Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. Now keep enjoying, and surely we’ll come up with another topic for you like BINOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!

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