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Negative aspects of Gaming and Video platform why, As all of you know, the internet has caught a very huge audience nowadays. Getting Involved in Tiktok & Pubg Individuals are getting dependent on their cell phones and the worst thing is they are so use too of it that they even do not realize how they are burning through their valuable time by using on applications. Artificial intelligence is on a peak today and most of the youth love spending their time on applications that interest them.  However, as everything have it both negative and positive views.

In this article, we will share with you the negative aspects of gaming and video platform that people are using and getting popular like TikTok and PUBG, but how it is stirring the people is explained below.

At the point when we discuss the video platform and gaming platform, TIKTOK and PUBG are as of now on top. Youth cherishes spending their energy on such a platform and even many are winning from it. Isn’t it stunning? However, these two platforms are surprisingly destroying us.

negative aspect of gaming and video platform

Here is the Negative aspects of gaming and video platform:


The Indian government restricted TIKTOK that was previously considered as Musically since clients were spreading profanity, possibly presenting youngsters to erotic predators, and adversely affecting the psychological well-being of its users. TikTok is the greatest platform however with no exacting guidelines like kid mishandling, and so on. To know more about the negative aspects of gaming and video platform.

A few people use TikTok carelessly and upload the worst video, which isn’t sheltered or reasonable for particular students. In light of the fact, subsequent to seeing these sorts of video students do not look into studies. A few students begin making videos to get more likes and followers.

Hashtag challenges are a simple method to pick up likes, yet a portion of the difficulties is not proper for twins and youngsters.

Individuals do not consider time and continue using it consistently. We have to invest a ton of energy to make an ideal video. Therefore, it will burn through your important time. You are snatched by the intensity of looking over and looking over and looking over. TikTok has an exceptionally awful effect on your eyes and your brain.


PUBG hurts the physical well being of youth. Going through hours before game consoles can increase obesity, sleep disturbance, headache, and dry eyes. As we read new occurrences each day.

It is a game that has a great deal of shooting and murdering that is said to increase indignity in youngsters, prompting aggressive manner. What’s more, changed over into a progressively depressing one. Extreme violence can trigger unfriendly musings, feelings, and conduct that at last influence the psychological well-being of the player.

I am sure you understand that a solitary round of PUBG can take up to an hour to wrap up. Whether you play five matches for each day, it is wastage of 4-5 hours in a day there is no open door for anything else.

At last, If you use applications for entertainment purposes, then it is an awesome thing to freshen up the psyche yet whenever dependent on these applications then it will affect you physically, mentally and will ruin the ultimate future of the nation. So please utilize such kind of application less.

Though, TIKTOK is a fun and creative outlet for users to post-dance related video, tell funny jokes, and hotshot their abilities. However, a portion of the content client’s posts can contain explicit language, suggestive themes, and lewd gestures.

It is impossible for clients or their folks to block explicit content from the video feed without blocking singular clients. In the event that the adolescent will use these applications, they do not gain proficiency with any new aptitudes that may help them in an uncertain future.

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