longest bus route in the world launched

Whenever we plan an international trip so here is the Delhi to London longest bus route in the world, we always assume of going by air as apart from it, we can’t see any possibility but a tragic thing happened in which a new initiative is taken by the two individuals of Delhi, India.

Earlier these individuals took the passengers out of India through cab but now it’s very different thing going to happen in which these individuals decided to take the passengers to London by bus. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s talk about this wonderful initiative.

18 Nations Bus Route from Delhi to London bus Trip in 70 days

From the outset, we will consider the Delhi to London longest bus route in the world that is being arranged by these two people. The transport will cover around 18 nations that include India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and United Kingdom and this will cover around 20000 km in roughly 70 days.

This hop on hop off bus service will begin in the year 2021. This wonderful journey will start from the capital of India Delhi to the United Kingdom London. This bus will take around 20 passengers to this excursion. Along with these 20 passengers there will a bus driver, a guide, an assistant bus driver, and a company representative. So here there is the Description of the four destination covered from Delhi to London longest bus route in the World So here are the Four route of this trip which was explained Below:

Four destinations covered from Delhi to London

First Route

The first route will cover India, Myanmar, and Thailand

longest bus route in the world

Second Route

When we talk of the second route, it will cover China’s Sichuan and Xinjiang provinces, which feature trips to renowned locations including the Great Wall of China, the Silk Route, and the Gobi Desert among others.

Third Route

Later on, the transport will turn its route to Central Asia’s Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Fourth Route

Toward the end, it will cover European nations like Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom.

Now if you are worried about the booking of this journey, Then you can book your tickets about this wonderful journey from now onwards or you can visit their website i.e. bustolondon.in.

Cost and Services

It costs ₹15 lakhs per person to commute from Delhi to London longest bus route in the world and vice versa. Though it is a little costly, it will go to be a memorable journey, and most importantly, you will get all the fun.

The one thing that is assured here is that passengers can take the benefit of a luxurious bus that is offering amazing features like offering free Wi-Fi, a Mic, and an audio system so that this journey will remain memorable and not the boring one. Younger ones can easily pass their time by using such facilities.

In fact, there is also a partition between seats in which you can easily put your bottles and other gatherings.  It has Mobile phone charging points via plug and USB. This double-decker bus comprises a private locker for each individual to put his or her valuable items and belongings.

All right… Therefore, I hope every one of your questions is clear now and now you are prepared to experience an astonishing journey that will occur after so many years.  Have a safe and memorable journey with your beloved ones and do not forget to capture each moment of this adventurous journey.

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