Cricket has changed its conventional image by introducing the world cup T20 winner list to the world. Cricket got a complete transformation from 3-day matches to 50 overs to a new concept of 20-20 overs innings, which not only overwhelming but helped teams to nominate themselves for new challenging events: aka boosting their skills for the new hope of cricket world cup in 20-20 formats.

After the Benson & Hedges Cup ended in 2002, the 20/20 idea was born as a mandatory competition, which later produced so many world cup T20 winner list to date. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) actually required another one-day tournament to replace the Benson & Hedges Cup. In 2001, the ECB’s marketing manager, Stuart Robertson, presented the idea of 20- 20 over the game in front of the county chairmen, who approved the game idea through the voting procedure.

The inaugural edition of the ICC T20 World Cup attracted 16 teams, all of them showing exceptional performance and hankering to win the first T20 world cup winner’s title.

2007, World Cup Twenty 20

After a lavish opening, the tournament kicked off with a new spirit, with cricketers intending to make twenty-over games a routine, and the crowd anticipating maximum sixes and boundaries rather than singles and doubles. South Africa was given the opportunity to host the first World Cup Twenty 20 tournament; nevertheless, the players were unable to achieve the winning title in the final. In the final match, India defeated Pakistan to add them in the first world cup T20 winner list.

2009, World Cup Twenty 20

England was given the opportunity to host the second edition of the 20-20 World Cup. England, on the other hand, while welcoming teams from all over the world, was unable to be named in the world cup T20 winner list that year. Pakistan, who had been defeated in the previous tournament, fulfilled their dream by winning the second T20 world cup winner’s title, defeating Sri Lanka in the final at Lord’s ground in England.

2010, World Cup Twenty 20

world cup T20 winner list

The West Indies hosted the third tournament (World Cup Twenty 20), but he was unable to win the trophy due to competition from opponents (12 competitors). Afghanistan, a newly joined team, placed first in the event and stunned the world with their outstanding performances. After defeating Australia in the final match in Barbados, Kevin Pietersen was named player of the tournament, and his team engraved their name in the world cup T20 winner list.

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2012, World Cup Twenty 20

The fourth world cup Twenty 20 was played in 2012. The tournament was held in Asia for the first time in history. Srilanka hosted this cricket festive occasion, and Rasith Malinga was chosen to be the event ambassador by ICC.  Unfortunately, West Indies held the title of the T20 world cup winners by defeating Sri Lanka in the final.

2014, World Cup Twenty 20

Bangladesh has been chosen to host the fifth Twenty 20 World Cup competition event. However, Bangladesh was unable to add their name in the world cup T20 winner list that the fans had hoped for. The team gave their all and tried their hardest to defeat its opponents, but they were unable to do so. Sri Lanka, who had reached the finals in the previous two years, defeated India and has gained the T20 world cup winners title.

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2016, World Cup Twenty 20

After the other two Asian countries, India was chosen to host the sixth edition of the 20-20 World Cup. This time, Indian players did not do well, shattering the aspirations of millions of supporters. West Indies and England matched for first place in the final matches, which were played in Eden Gardens, where West Indies won or were named in the world cup T20 winner list.

2021, World Cup Twenty 20

The World Cup Twenty20 wowed every cricket fan, where everyone was praying for their own teams to win the title. However after so many tough competitions two competitive teams or two neighboring countries’ cricket teams reached the final game. The final match was played in Dubai, where Australia beat New Zealand and won the title. This time the Australian team was named for the first time in the world cup T20 winner list.

2022, World Cup Twenty 20

Cricket fans that have already lost hope for their favorite team to be on the world cup T20 winner list this year (2020) should look ahead to the next World Cup Twenty 20 in 2022. Teams had previously planned to improve their strategies in order to perform better on the ground with new and distinctive skills. The tournament has been scheduled to take place in Australia from October 16 to November 13, 2022; unfortunately, only eight teams will compete.

Two Years: Tournament Cancellation Due to COVID

Due to the COVID epidemic, the ICC rescheduled the world cup matches for the years 2021 and 2022 in July 2020, moving the 2020 championship (in Australia) to November 2021 and the 2021 events (in India) to October 2022. Regrettably, the proposed schedule has moved, and India was assigned to host the 2021 tournament, which was eventually shifted to Oman and the United Arab Emirates due to another ICC declaration. In addition, Australia will host the T20 World Cup in 2022 and fans are wishing for their teams to be the next T20 world cup winners.

Scheduling some new T20 Championship programs

The news of ICC’s team expansion sparked the interest of cricket fans, with 20 teams allowed to compete in the next four years, specifically 2024, 2026, 2028, and 2030.

Tagged Criticism on T20 World Cup

However, while millions of cricket fans are excited to play in the new T20 world cup format, some other nominated cricket stars, such as Ricky Ponting, Alex Tudor, and former Australian captain Greg Chappell, have spoken out against the format, claiming that it is not good for cricket and that players will be unable to nail their skills in such short cricket formats.

Our Conclusion

After reading all of the pros and criticisms, we came to the conclusion that T20 is a great way to have fun, but when it comes to fitness and cricket’s true identity; so much is lost in the shuffle. Many cricket fans are missing the true nature of cricket, “The Gentlemen Game,” because players are under so much pressure while playing in fewer overs. If you think you can describe something better with words, please do so in the comments. Don’t leave to pray for your team to be the next T20 world cup winners!