Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Week Celebrated because it is the week of love and romance brings excitement and promises for all those who will live together for ages. Valentine week is not just dedicated to express love but also carries a long history with it. The day is named after the famous Saint Valentine in the Roman Empire which later named the festival Lupercalia.

The Valentine’s week celebrated on 14th of February every year across the world. Flowers, candy, and gifts are mostly exchanged on the day and before that.

Valentine’s Week Celebrated

The Valentine’s week celebrated as commemorate of a saint in the Roman Empire in 270 AD. The saint named St. Valentine was killed on 14th February. There is a theory that the day is celebrated with the root originating from France as to attempt to “Christianize” the Roman Lupercalia Festival. The founders of the festival were Romulus and Remus.

They celebrated the day by picking up names of random girls mixed and kept in Bowl. As the man gets the girl’s name from the bowl at random, they will together spend one full year together and if they fall in love with each other can culminate the marriage relationship.

St. Valentine and his legend

Saint Valentine was a saint at Catholic Church in the Roman Empire, in Terni, Italy. As the age was based on Catholic tradition, the marriage of soldiers and slaves were forbidden. Claudius claimed that single men serve as a better soldier compared to others. St. Valentine was helping such couples who were either from Soldier’s tribe or slaves. St. Valentine realized the injustice and continued marrying these couples. He used to offer flower to both the partners who got married hideously under him.

This act was found by King Claudius of the Empire and got St. Valentine arrested. As per the stories available, the saint was killed by the king on 14th of February. Catholic Church recognized at least three saints who were named Valentine and martyred on the day.

Valentine week list

Valentine’s week celebrated ,it is a common festival across the globe since the 18th century. Lovers and friends of different social classes exchanged small gifts amount themselves as a token of love during the day. It can be handwritten note or gift that expresses the feeling. During the 1900s, as industrialization took over and printing presses were working enormously, ready-made cards made it easier for expressing love. It was a way of expressing feelings for the discouraged who lack confidence by facing the girl face-to-face.

Today, the day has expanded to providing cards, chocolates, Fluff toys, gifts and so much more. We in the following section will discuss the gifts they lovers exchange during the final week of Valentines.

7th of February – Rose Day

The Valentine’s week starts with a rose day. The lover exchange a red rose on the day to their loved ones which may or may not return a rose based on consent. The roses are considered as the way of expressing the emotions and initiation of the week coming forward.

8th of February – Propose Day

The following day, any one of the couples confesses their love towards the other. Not just the couples but singles as well who are planning to approach their crush and propose. The proposal needs to be formal and a small gift of appreciation should be offered like a jewel or any precious product that stays.

9th of February – Chocolate Day

What better gift can you give to a partner than chocolate? A bit of sweetness through chocolates can bring sweetness among the couples too. It also cherishes the mood of both and brings the lovers closer.


10th of February – Teddy Day

Teddy bears are the most modern form of love expressing gift. It is mostly presented to the girls to make the love a little mushier. The soft toy reminds the lover of the closeness and brings forward a lot of cuddles for the couples when they are apart or on a long-distance, also the most cutest day of valentine’s week celebrated.


11th of February – Promise Day

Now, what is more, precious than a promise that is fulfilled? When two individual comes in contact with each other and plans to become partners for life, they want to have a sense of trust among them. A promise made with your partner builds trust and commitment to togetherness through life.


12th of February – Hug Day

Celebrated on 12th of February, hug day symbolizes the purest and warmest form of love among the couples. A hug can speak a thousand words without saying a single word.

13th of February – Kiss Day

A kiss is the most romantic and passionate way of expressing love, the day is dedicated to that. On the day, couples seal their relationship with each other by sticking their lips to each other.

14th February – Valentine day

The climax with Valentine day 2021, best and most romantic day and also the last day of valentine’s week celebrated on Sunday their year. Lovers on the day take an extra effort to express their love to the partner by showing them love and care. The ones who are not in a relationship with anyone can share their love with the crush through affection.


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