States with highest number of engineering colleges

India produces a large number of engineers in the world. Engineers are passes out from different colleges from here & you may be shocked to see the number of engineering colleges in Indian state currently have.

So let’s have a look at the top 10 Indian states which have the most number of engineering colleges:


Maharashtra consists of 1564 engineering colleges. The most wanted branches in this state are computer and electronics. Many of the colleges are having deemed university itself.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu consists of 1339 engineering colleges. This state is well known for automobile industry. The most wanted branches in this state are automobile & mechanical.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has around 1165 number of engineering colleges. The most commonly offered branches are civil and computer. This state has large number of population as compared to other state in India.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh consists of 925 engineering colleges. The hottest branch here is electronics and computer. The demand of engineering is continuously decreases in this state.


Karnataka consists of 756 engineering colleges. Karnataka is the hub of information technology engineering. Also there is more number of colleges of computer and mechanical engineering.


Telangana consists of 701 engineering colleges. Telangana state has some of the reputated engineering colleges and universities as well. Most of the student chooses electronics & computer science branches here.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh consists of 556 engineering colleges. This state is centrally located in India. It has mix up of computer science, mechanical and civil engineering colleges.


Gujarat consists of 427 engineering colleges. The most commonly branches in this state are computer, civil & mechanical.  


Haryana consists of around 427 engineering colleges. Haryana engineering colleges is almost mix up of each branches all together. Engineers from this state can easily find job in the NCR sector.


Rajasthan consists of around 452 engineering colleges. This state also have the top coaching institutes for engineering entrance exams in Kota.

Here are the lists of top 10 Indian states with most number of engineering colleges. State/Union Territory Number of Engineering Institutes
1. Maharashtra 1564
2. Tamil Nadu 1339
3. Uttar Pradesh 1165
4. Andhra Pradesh 925
5. Karnataka 756
6. Telangana 701
7. Madhya Pradesh 556
8. Gujarat 427
9. Haryana 416
10. Rajasthan 402

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