26 Jan 2021, 9:08 AM (GMT)

Coronavirus Stats INDIA

10,677,710 Total Cases
153,624 Death Cases
10,345,985 Recovered Cases

5 Biggest Scams In The History Of India

Scam is the word which make us think that how rich India is? When we were kids, we were told by our...

OTTs: bringing Netflix, Amazon Prime, many other OTTs under government regulation good or bad?

What is OTTs OTT stands for “Over the Top.” It refers to all the services that are beneficial for...

Why Indian government banned Pubg?

We all have observed there are many addicting games are available on play store and app store and people love wasting their...
delhi to london

Delhi to London, World’s longest bus trip launched

Whenever we plan an international trip, we always assume of going by air as apart from it, we can't see any possibility...

SSR: Suicide Or Murder? – A Star Was Lost

As you all are seeing that nowadays suicide and murder in our city are increasing day by day, in fact, most of...

Who is Binod, and why he is trending?

As all of you know these days, "BINOD" is a hot name on the Internet, in truth each and everybody thinks about...
9 bad Things (1)

What are the 9 Bad Things that hit 2020?

Bad things that hit 2020: Nearly everybody realizes that we are in the mid of the year 2020,...
Positive effects of Corona

Positive effects of Corona

Effects of Corona Corona Virus (COVID-19) is quickly expanding in our general public; numerous individuals are kicking the bucket because...
6 ways to make a Lockdown more productive

Top 6 ways To Make A Lockdown More Productive?

Make lockdown productive: During the time we go for work, our days stay planned. After Lockdown, various individuals affected and...
How coronavirus is unexpectedly benefiting the Environment

How Coronavirus Is Unexpectedly Benefiting The Environment?

Corona Virus Benefiting the environment Today, nearly everybody is tired of this disease. This new virus named "CORONA VIRUS" OR...

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